Jason is a therapist by trade and dynamic speaker by choice! His speeches on self-love, confidence, anxiety, and trauma are fascinating and educational. He is frequently sought after and recognized as a passionate advocate for mental health and personal development. Whether it’s a group of young teens or an audience of adult professionals, Jason uses his laidback personality and the art of storytelling to captivate, motivate, and educate his audience!

Jason has over 10 years of counseling and coaching experience, working with youth, men, adults, families, and the community. His work has been featured in WebMD, NAMI, FOX, NBC, and many more. He has been featured in local and international conferences, various podcasts and radio shows across the nation.

He is the host of the Peace & Prosperity Podcast. He has been featured in several media outlets and named as one of the “top Black life coaches you should follow.”